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July 14, 2008

Mission 2 – G’s Secret Mission

As i promised, i finished the second mission guide.
A- Video:

B- Text:

1- talk to G.
2- the Secret word is MOGUL.
3- Take the sled.
4- Go to ski Mountain.
5- Use the sled in the Test Run area.
6- Crash.
7- Take the rope.
8- Take the survival guide.
9- Go to the right, and move to that area, pick up the ski, merge it with the rope.
10- Go to the left, and move to the next area.
11- Go to the area in fron of you.
12- Take three ‘O’ Berries, merge one with the Ski and rope. go to the right and shake the tree, to get the pot.
13- Go to the area in front of you, and click on the puffles, feed the black puffle a Berrie.
14- Go to the right and move to that area.
15- Go to the left, for the next area.
16- pick up the wooden log in that area.
17- Go to the mini-river and use your ‘Created’ Fish rod to catch a fish.
18- Use the pot and fill it with water.
19- Go back to the are on the left and get in the cave.
20- Click the stones, Place the log, then the survival guide and give your puffle an ‘O’ Berrie.
21- Place the pot of water, when it boils, click it again to drink the water.
22- Place the fish on the fire, click it when it looks good!
23- you will fall asleep, then wake, go out side and talk to the guy.
24- talk to G
25- Congratulations! Take your rewards!

By Dody2!

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